Woman Crush Wednesday: The Skin Nerd

We're crushing on Jennifer Rock - aka The Skin Nerd

Woman Crush Wednesday: The Skin Nerd

We're sure most people have heard of The Skin Nerd by now, but if you haven't - then where have you been?!

Well, in case you didn't know - The Skin Nerd is otherwise known as the multi-award winning dermal facialist and skin lecturer Jennifer Rock.

Jennifer is also the creator of the much-loved Cleanse Off Mitt, the very product which has allowed her to go out on her own and become self-employed in recent weeks. The skin-specialist has also just launched her very own website theskinnerd.ie - which Jennifer created to keep people skinformed, with the help of  a panel of highly qualified professionals.

So, to celebrate the launch of her brand new website, we sat down with the lovely Jennifer Rock to find out what life is really like for The Skin Nerd, and to find out what she hopes for the future.

How did you become 'The Skin Nerd'?

I began having facials aged 13 and soon became the most irritating client known to man - "how does this work ... how do you know ... why do you only leave it on for five minutes … what would happen if ...." - I then began reading and researching and found a new hobby!

Fast forward a few years, and not surprisingly I began working in skin-led clinics and lecturing for various skincare brands. I found the science fascinating and I appreciated how life-changing and confidence-altering it was to work with someone on their skin.

I lectured and attended every course I could – online, in the UK and in Ireland. I have since attended conferences in Australia, USA and France as I believe we cannot remain stagnant and we are in an industry that is ever evolving, which is what drives me and excites me!

The name came from my friends apologising for me creeping on strangers on nights out – I’d always be asking them about their skincare routine rather than their dress!

What is a normal working week like for you?

I'm only in week three of being self-employed at the moment so perhaps this is not an accurate portrayal!


At the moment it’s all about banks, solicitors, shoots, brand meetings, sales and logistic teams, event planning... it's fairly hectic but I'm in love! I've always worked for others like I was working for my own company, so that hadn’t changed at all!

How did you come up with the idea for the Cleanse Off Mitt?

I was working in London and I recall meeting client number 20 in one day who said to me during a skin consult, "I use wipes but what eye cream should I buy?" and I recall thinking “Noooo noooo NO! That's like buying a fancy car key ring without the car! Or the fancy gym gear but not eating right!”

Perhaps I should search for a better analogy but the reality is: start with the basics, step one, and respect the skin. There are other makeup removal systems out there and what I was determined to do was to make mine cost effective – my accountant says I'm running a charity but the reality is it's accessible to all and it encourages people to buy multi Cleanse Off Mitts instead of wipes ... job done!

What are your GO TO beauty/skincare products right now?

Oh lord, it does vary but these tend to always feature:

  • Nimue Enzyme Mask for a quick slough-off dead skin cell effect
  • IMAGE Iluma Serum for all-over skin tone and even colour
  • Yon-Ka Spritz
  • Biofresh Acne Out for the breakout spots
  • Heliocare SPF
  • Skinceuticals Retinol
  • Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic

Name the common mistakes people tend to make when it comes to their skin?

They over-exfoliate, don't cleanse thoroughly and expect miracles – myself included! They neglect a regime, spend too much on products that don’t work and are too influenced by magazines as opposed to what's right for them as an individual.

My advice – only exfoliate twice a week, lose the granules, cleanse for 60 seconds, get a consult – and fall in love with your skin!


What has been the highest and lowest moment of your career so far?

Lowest is when I'm away from my son Matt for soccer matches as that's his passion. He always seems to score a cracker of a goal when I'm not there – maybe I’m the opposite of a lucky charm! But that's the guilt of working so hard over the last 10 years – I've missed moments I can't get back.

High – winning my beauty awards ... some awards are based on therapists selling the most products, which does have its own merit as it means they've helped many people and gotten results, but the ones I've won have been entered by thousands, there’s a tough application format that includes case studies and testimonials, and there’s a vigorous judging ceremony that includes testing on skin knowledge.

I am definitely proud to have earned those! I don't think that's cocky I think that's often misunderstood ... I work hard and am lucky to love what I do.

What's the ONE thing you can't live without?

In skincare: Vitamin A. In life: love and security... And a good solid clipboard!

What is the best advice you have for other women in business?

Ask for help. Pick up the phone and seek assistance from those who have been in your shoes.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Still in the skincare world. Matthew (my son) will be 18 so it's hard to know what the future holds as where he will be will influence a lot. But definitely I’ll have more products under my belt, and educating and helping others get measurable results will be the overall goal.

What is your BIG dream?


If I tell you I'd have to kill you – let's just say the nerd is a dreamer and a do-er and I believe that a lot will change within this sector in Ireland and beyond.

I'd love to be involved in the standardisation and implementation of such structure to guarantee that all practitioners offer optimum service and truly know the skin, not just know the brand they work with. There is a difference, in my opinion.

Want to known more about Jennifer? Make sure to check out theskinnerd.ie, AND you can follow her on Snapchat - @theskinnerd. 

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